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                Storage box mould
                Turnover box mould
                Pallet mould
                Pallet mould
                Before fender
                Battery case cover
                Shield around before
                After fender mold
                Motorcycle before clay mold
                After fender mold
                Sea lions hubcap mold
                A3 around rear wheel eyebrow mold
                Threshold plate assembly mold
                Automobile air conditioner mould
                Generator cover mould
                Car radio panel mold
                FRV 10 style car door assembly mould
                About Us
                Zhejiang Mould Factory is located in " China Mould Town"- Huangyan Taizhou Zhejiang. Founded in 1982, is a national high-tech enterprise. Specialized in designing, developing, and manufacturing injection plastic moulds for auto, motorcycle, home appliance, medical device ...
                Strong technology, Brand pride
                Auto/motorcycle/home appliances/commodity mould and so on, is plastic mould manufacturing center
                Carefully and attentively, you can safely use
                The science and technology as the power, strives for the survival by the quality
                Contact Us

                Add: No.626 Da Qiao Road Huangyan Taizhou Zhejiang China      Zip:318020

                Tel:0576-84112368 84080188